Jason has presented Laws and Rules continuing education courses to Doctors, Hearing Aid Specialist, and many other health care practitioners in Florida. Providing continuing education seminar for Laws and Rules, Prescribing Controlled Substances in Florida and How to Handle Yourself when faced with a disciplinary complaint. Health care practitioners gain knowledge about their practice act, how to ensure compliance with their practice act, and learn about the laws and rules that comprise their practice act.


Jason's presentations are live and interactive allowing for an exchange of ideas, and are focused on informing the licensee of their rights and responsibilities.  Reviewing the applicable Laws and Rules including their Practice Act, licensee's understand how their licensee is a property right that has with it certain constitutional protections.  Advertising, Physician prescribing and discussing patients rights with the respective licensee allows for the licensee to understand their rights and responsibilities.





Jason D. Winn, PA represents clients within Governmental law providing advice and counsel with various government entities, including Florida Telecommunications Relay Incorporated, Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine, and the Florida Board of Hearing Aid Specialist. Jason counsels clients on pending legislation, providing legal analysis for bills introduced in the Florida Legislature.


Jason also represents clients before State Agencies for representation on their various legal needs.